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Del Sol Research Management, LLC is a multi-specialty, independent clinical research site engaging in the conduct of clinical research trials of investigational medications and devices for the pharmaceutical industry. Our mission is to provide high quality, reliable data to the pharmaceutical industry who are striving to provide cutting edge medications and devices for the treatment and prevention of diseases to extend and enhance patients’ quality of life. We complement these efforts by maintaining the highest level of safety, care and compassion for our patients.

We are a multi-physician site working with physicians in private practice providing a large patient base. Our exclusive approach is to pre-qualify potential study subjects. Together with our various physicians’ practices, community outreach and internet marketing efforts, we are continuously expanding our proprietary HIPAA-compliant research database with potential study subjects.

We offer a faster, more efficient method for delivering qualified subjects for clinical trials research while maintaining high standards of quality data capturing and reporting.

We increase the enrollment of the patient communities which are underrepresented in clinical research studies such as Hispanic and Native American communities in the Arizona area. These communities are key to the success of the future of medicine.


  • Phase I through IV
  •  Rapid Study Start Up
  •  Utilize Central IRBs
  • Timely Data Entry & Query
  • RealTime-CTMS for efficient
    workflow management
  • 21 CFR 11 Compliant
    e-Regulatory Document System
  • Accelerated Subject Recruitment
  • Consistently Meet Enrollment Goals
  • Proven Subject Retention Strategies
  • Diverse Subject Populations
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Board Certified Principal
  • Bilingual Staff
  •  Ability to Accommodate Extended
    PK/Spirometry Visits
  • Ability to Accommodate
    Overnight Stays

 Therapeutic areas from magazine


  • Exam Rooms
  • Patient Interview Room
  • Dedicated Monitoring Space
  • Secure Drug Storage Room
  • Secure Study Supply
  • Secure Record Storage
  • Infusion Room
  • Laboratory Area


  • Management has over 35 years of combined research experience
  • Experienced Board Certified Principal Investigators
  • Outstanding Highly Trained Clinical Research Coordinators
    and Research Assistants
  • Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Dedicated Regulatory Affairs Coordinator
  • Dedicated Recruitment Specialist
  • Research Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Infusion Nurses
  • Specialist Consult Capabilities

    Our research team receives thorough training and continued education is emphasized to achieve our commitment to excellence.

    Our staff are GCP certified, IATA certified and HIPPA trained, with a proficiency in multiple EDC systems, as well as having experience with multiple IVRS/IXRS and Sponsor Portals.


  • Scale
  • EKG machine
  • Thermometer
  • Min/Max thermometers
  • Omron Blood Pressure machine
  • Centrifuge
  • Ice Bath
  • Incubator
  • Copier/Fax/Scanners
  • Refrigerator
  • -20°C Freezer
  • -80°C Freezer
  • Spirometry
  • Emergency Medications
  • High Speed Internet Connection and WIFI
  • Contracted Radiology Facility: X-Rays, CT/other scans,
    DEXA, Mammograms
  • On-Site at OB/GYN Office: Transvaginal Ultrasounds,
    Endometrial Biopsies